Alumni Weekend
June 2-3, 2017

For more information on the schedule and ticket type descriptions, please click the links above.

Note: Navigating away from this page will reset the registration process.  Please review ticket types and descriptions before initiating the purchasing process. You will have 12 minutes to complete your purchase before your information is lost. 

Purchasing multiple tickets:  You are able to purchase all tickets in the same transaction. Select your ticket as well as the number of guest tickets from the Guest Pass options before continuing with your order.

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Harris Alumni Weekend 2017

Weekend Pass with Reunion Dinner

$85.00 (USD) each

Weekend Pass

$40.00 (USD) each

Friday-Only Pass with Reunion Dinner

$75.00 (USD) each

Friday-Only Pass

$25.00 (USD) each


$30.00 (USD) each

Guest Pass - Weekend with Reunion Dinner

$90.00 (USD) each

Guest Pass - Weekend

$40.00 (USD) each

Guest Pass - Friday with Reunion Dinner

$80.00 (USD) each

Guest Pass - Friday-Only

$30.00 (USD) each

Guest Pass - Saturday-Only

$30.00 (USD) each

Current Student - Weekend Pass

$15.00 (USD) each

Current Student - Friday Pass

$5.00 (USD) each

Current Student - Saturday Pass

$10.00 (USD) each

Please consider making a donation in addition to your ticket cost. All donations support the Harris Alumni Fellowship Foundation.